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March 12th 2018 –  Heads up everyone, Ruth (BDU3A Chair) and Derek (speaker coordinator) are to be interviewed on Elastic FM studio on Monday afternoon, approximately 4pm, – hoping to pass the word about the  BDU3A to a different audience! Do tune in!

December 22nd 2017

Wishing all our members, who we also class as our very good friends, a
Very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful, Healthy and Happy New Year

Best Wishes to All from

Ruth, Bev, Rose, Evelyn, Jen, Derek, Sandie, Jean and Bernice,    BDU3A  Committee

Looking forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.

December 1st 2017

The winner of our competition held on Saturday at the Bolsover Christmas Festival was Shirley Ann Field of Bolsover. She was very pleased with her winnings
of the little treasure chest containing £16.00.

15th November 2017


There was a full house at the November BDU3A open meeting today. Our planned speaker had let us down, so our good Member Chris stepped in to give us a demonstration of how to make beautiful flower arrangements using artificial and some natural material, the artificial arrangements being able to last until Christmas.

While Chris poked and cut and arranged her flowers, she chatted to us in her usual engaging fashion about the time she travelled to Australia, and the delightful people she met on the way and later when she was exploring Sydney on her own. She made us laugh about the birthday presents she offered her son for his 21st birthday – a car, party, or a one way ticket to Australia. Of course, her son chose the ticket to Australia – hence her trip.

Under the table she had hidden a range of beautiful, Christmassy arrangements she had made before and which she very generously offered up for auction, all proceeds going to BDU3A. Her wonderful offer made £46 for our coffers. Thank you so much Chris!

Interestingly we had more men at this meeting than we had ever had before – even though flower arranging was ‘not my thing’ as one new member said to me. But, of course, he understood that we all have different interests – and in January, I understand we are to have a talk about management issues in the Royal Navy, so our wonderful U3A caters for everyone.

Keep up your support!

21st October 2017

The recent General Meeting about bird ringing and migration, introduced by the excellent Jack Baddams, attracted a good audience. Talking to Members afterwards, it was clear that they found the talk excellent, interesting and even inspiring. Only one member said she found it disappointing, and when I asked her why, she said, ‘Well, I always thought I knew ‘my robin’ and said hello to it like an old friend, but now I have learned that robins only live a year to a year and a half, so they must be different robins.’ Jack is a local lad from Clowne and was clearly passionate about the bird ringing process and the valuable information it provides globally. He had recently been bird ringing in Madagascar and had photos of some amazing exotic species. He concluded with a fascinating short video of an owl, staring intently at the camera, big orange eyes wide open, but as the bird ringer rotated the bird through 38 degrees, the bird’s head remained exactly in situ, facing the camera, showing how owls can rotate their heads so usefully while hunting.
The meeting ended with a reminder of a lovely migration story concerning a pair of storks in Croatia that have become a local media sensation. On March 14th every year, almost to the hour, for the past 15 years, a male stork has returned from Africa to his injured mate on a roof top nest to mate and rear a new brood of youngsters. Google ‘storks croatia’ to read all about it and see some photographs.

Dear All
Yes, I serve on the committee of BDU3A, yes I enjoy attending many of the groups and yes those reading this may think I am biased.
However I want to share something that I am thrilled to share.
It was my birthday on the 25th September, my 20 year old grandson visited me bearing cards an pressies, during the course of our conversation he told me “ Granny, we have all said/commented that since you joined BDU3A, and got involved with the groups, have visited such interesting places and learned new skills, you are looking so well and so much younger”. I was so touched, and so thrilled that a 20 year old made such an observation, and I have to admit I was very flattered. But, I have to admit, I echo his statement (not sure about looking younger lol). BDU3A has given me so many new friends, skills I never knew I had, especially oil painting. I hope there are many more members who think the same and would ask they let us know. For those reading this who are not members, give us a go, come and join us at the Assembly Rooms, Bolsover, every third Wednesday in the month at 2pm.

Bev Crofts

Dear Chair and committee

I’ve now been a member of Bolsover U3A for six months. I have thoroughly enjoyed the meetings and the outings – I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Everyone has made me feel very welcome, which is especially nice as I’m new to the area.

I’ve been on walks in beautiful countryside; out for supper in super company to a variety of different places; read books I wouldn’t have chosen but have thoroughly enjoyed; learnt about events in national history and their effect on Bolsover and the surrounding areas; visited National Trust properties that are too far for me to visit by myself; been entertained by diverse theatre presentations; and listened to many good speakers at the General Monthly Meetings.

Thank you so much to you all – I am looking forward to many more hours full of fun and laughter with the various groups!

Best wishes, Sarah (W)

The formation of the BDU3A was formally agreed at the inaugural meeting on June 17th, 2015.

Click here to read the U3A Terms and Conditions of Membership.


The formation of the BDU3A was formally agreed at the inaugural meeting on June 17th, 2015.

Click here to read the U3A Terms and Conditions of Membership.