Apologies for the late delivery of this information, the original email has been stuck in cyber space for the last 24hrs! But it’s not to late if you would like to join us.

Would you like to see the Silver Screen film Breathe at the Odeon, Mansfield at 10.30 am Tues 9th Jan. for the price of £3 with a cuppa thrown in for good measure?

The heartwarming true story of a young man cut down with polio at age 25 who was not expected to live but went on, against all odds, to not only survive but who spent the rest of his life campaigning for the improvement of the treatment and conditions for other disabled persons and was inspirational in the cessation of the iron lung. Stars Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man, also starred in Hacksaw Ridge. You can view the trailer for Breathe, just Google Breathe, quite an amazing story based on real life.

Lifts can be arranged from Bolsover leaving at 9.30 am from the Oasis, otherwise meet at the Odeon at 10 am For further information contact ACT Coordinator, details on BDU3A website.

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