History Group

Happy New Year to all our members and those thinking of becoming a member of our History Group.

2017 culminated with a visit to Renishaw Hall. It was a beautiful but bitterly cold winters day and we had a most enjoyable visit, being escorted around the Hall by a very knowledgeable guide. We look forward to more similar visits in 2018.

The programme for 2018 was discussed at the end of November, prior to the above visit, and it was agreed that we would address the following topics this year: –

– Pre-history (starting with Creswell Crags and the caves at Upper Langwith)

– Evolution of England (Vikings, Normans, William the Conqueror etc)

– Middle Ages (Roger Mortimer, Isabella of France and Edward III)

– Civil War and the Glorious Revolution

– Industrial Revolution

– Early 20th Century

Quite a programme eh? I suspect we won’t cover everything this year, bearing in mind that we want to include some “field trips”, and as usual we will try to focus on the impact these subjects had on our local history.

We have a very enthusiastic group with a diverse range of knowledge and interest in history. If you would like to join this happy band, come along to the Blue Bell on Tuesday 23rd January at 2.00pm where you will be made very welcome. No experience or qualifications necessary!

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