At our Christmas meeting we asked members to complete a short survey form. Thank you to all those who did.Please see below a summary of each question

Why did you join BDU3A?
100% answered – to meet and make new friends and learn something new.
(Or words similar)
Have your expectations been met?
99.99% answered a resounding yes, just 1 person said only been coming 3months, (so perhaps reserving judgement.)

Any other comments?
Not everyone answered this question, just a sample of those who did said, and I quote:-
“Best decision I ever made” “ Lots of new friends been great” “Hope it continues “ Well done” “ Keep up the good work”!!!

We did not receive one adverse comment, which in itself is very rewarding for your committee and even more so for all those Group Conveners who give of their own time to arrange and carry out an ever growing plethora of activities for our members to enjoy.

Many thanks everyone.

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