International Volunteers Day

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know that today is International Volunteers Day – a day designated by the United Nations to recognise and acknowledge all of the time, effort, and skills that volunteers contribute.
We are so lucky at BDU3A to have such passionate and dedicated volunteer teams, so I would like to say a very big thank you to all our volunteers.
Especially to our amazing Group Leaders who work so hard to make their Groups the most interesting, enjoyable and informative learning for their members. We would not have a BDU3A without them.
To Committee who work relentlessly towards improving and safeguarding everyone’s BDU3A experience.
To those “behind the scenes” who make the teas and coffees, to those who help to set out the room and tidy up afterwards.
To the Web Team, beavering away to keep our website up to date, and post new items daily.
To the working parties who arrange our entertainment programmes and events, those who work and continue to work on the policies and procedures. We all work together magnificently. I hope I haven’t missed anyone! We are all volunteers, and do what we do because we enjoy doing it. We are doing a great job.

Thank you


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