Hello everyone.Hope you are all safe and well.
We are trying our hardest to stay in touch, to make sure all our members have been contacted by someone!
If you belong to a group and have not been contacted by your Group Leader, they may not have your contact details!
Please, if you want/need to keep in touch, send your details along with the name of the group you attend, to bolu3a, or if you have contact details of your group leader please get in touch with them.
We will with your permission forward your details to the relevant Group Leader, but please be aware we can only do this with your permission.
Don’t forget to check out our BALLS page,, click on Bolsover District U3A to find the link to Bolsover Against Life Limiting Sickness, click on that it will take you straight to the BALLS page.
We would love to hear from you, what have you been doing, send photos, write to us, and send your news to bolu3a
Stay Safe Stay Well

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