Six Month Update

A Six Month Update

I started this message on September 23rd, six months after we were plunged in to lockdown. Now, almost a month later and we are still facing restrictions, masks and the rule of six!!! Who would believe it?

Our members have been amazing, keeping everyone up to date with what is happening where you are, the descriptions and photographs have been wonderful.

Sending quizzes for members to try. Photographs and descriptions of isolated walks. Some wonderful views, amazing wildlife and many garden scapes. I cannot thank you all enough. Art, cooking and gardening projects have all been gratefully received.

All the above have been contributions to our “BALLS” page and kept us in touch, thank you.

We have however decided that at the end of the month the BALLS page will be archived. It has perhaps run its course. Individual group pages will be brought back to life, and feedback from those groups who are managing to meet would be gratefully received, please send to: bolu3a

If necessary we can always bring the BALLS page back!

The majority of Group Leaders have maintained contact with their group members either by email or WhatsApp. The support for each other within those groups has been wonderful, if anyone was having a bad day, friends would rally and support, amazing, Thank You.

Strollers have made a successful return, and are maintaining the rule of six. Lawn Bowls hope to return to indoors as soon as they can safely do so. Ten Pin Bowling also made a successful return, but due to current developments have had to stop again.

We, as many of you know, attempted to restart six other groups during September; before we got started we were hit by the rule of six! Most of those groups decided to go ahead and try meeting under that rule. So far it has been successful. Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes are provided, social distancing maintained and masks worn.

This of course is not for everyone, not everyone is ready to take that step, it doesn’t matter it is up to every individual to make the decision for themselves. Please keep in touch, please keep following our progress and please rejoin us when you feel you can.

Be assured Committee continue to monitor the current situation, if we are required to stop our current activities we will let you know as soon as we know.

For now,

Thank you for your support.

Stay Safe, Stay Well

Bev Crofts

BDU3A Chair

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