Thank you

Through lockdown after lockdown the web team have very much appreciated the efforts of so many members sending in poems, photographs, recepies, stories etc.  and for being our friends albeit online, Email, website, zoom, or on the ‘old fashioned’ telephone. The web team read and enjoy each and every contribution. 

Myself and the web team wish to record our thanks and appreciation for the amazing efforts of our retiring Chair, Bev. Just about every aspect of running any organisation changed, nothing was certain, every decision difficult, staying positive and trusting the membership was paramount. The fact that the vast majority of members renewed their membership for the coming year demonstrates the success of Bev and her committee.

Who would have ever thought committee meetings would have been via zoom, so difficult, and our AGM would be via Email with online voting. It’s also thanks to the web team for learning how to set up the online vote, to those members who helped test the system, and to committee members who helped with the wording. Also a very special thank you to Rose for taking on the huge task of receiving loads of virtual ballot papers via Email and recording them on a huge spreadsheet.

I would like to suggest a new tradition, if I may, whereby the most recent past chair claims the right and privilege to formally thank the retiring chair and committee.  As a Life Member of bdu3a, really chuffed with that honour, I claim the privalidge to offer, on behalf of all the members, our warm, heartfelt thanks to you Bev, and your committee, for an amazing, awesome job so well done. Congratulations and thank you all.

Your turn Bev, you are now the most recent past chair, wear the badge with pride. Over, but certainly not out. You are a very valuable member of the web team.


Dr. Geoff Cutts, life member and member of the web team. 

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