August Diary updates

Current Affairs Discussion group will restart on Thursday, 12th August, at 2pm in Hillstown Village Hall Studio.

The topic for discussion will be:- How will work and working patterns change in the future and how will occupations/jobs change?

Also, National Trust group will recommence on Monday, 23rd August, at 10am in Hillstown Village Hall Studio.

Ten Pin Bowling and Art Appreciation groups will not be meeting in August, but will resume in September.

Finally, our Monthly General Meeting at 2pm on Wednesday, 18th August, in the Main Hall at Hillstown Village Hall will include a FUN QUIZ.

Please come and join us and bring your retired or semi-retired friends along to see what bdu3a is all about.

Admission is free and there are prizes to be won, plus time for a cuppa and chat, of course.

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