bdu3a Village Gardeners

Village Gardeners. 14th October 2021 

Our (bdu3a) regular weekly gardeners have been busy preparing the pond for next year. It has been dug out, the pond liner fitted and filled with water, no leaks, so good news there. We are laying slabs to surround it to prevent any slips. A few pond plants will shortly be introduced, we hope creatures will begin to use it as we have spotted a frog or two in the area! 

The regular weekly gardeners would also like to thank bdu3a members who have brought plants from their own gardens to help us on the way. 

The new seating areas look really good, eventually, we have plans for installing raised beds, all of this is paid for by Hillstown Village Hall, not from any u3a funds.  We (bdu3a) provide the ideas and labour they (HVH) provide the cash so it’s a win, win situation.   

If your bdu3a group is meeting at HVH please take a look at the garden and Pavilion area and see what has been done. You may want to join us.

From your friends at the gardening group. 

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