Bolsover District u3a

Dear Members,

As retiring chair it gives me great pleasure to be able to announce that we, your Committee, have started to plan bdu3a’s return to some group activities.
Groups who meet outdoors have already resumed, whilst maintaining the rule of 6 and social distancing.

If all goes to plan we sincerely hope that Groups will be able to meet indoors once again maintaining the rule of 6 and social distancing.  Group leaders will be in touch with members with details of times and dates.  Rooms have been booked in anticipation.

We are awaiting information from the Library before those groups, who use their facilities,  are able to return. Provisional bookings have been made to secure the use of the Main Hall at HVH for our General Meetings.  Members will receive full details in due course.

All this will happen as soon as we are allowed,  be assured that all bdu3a activities will be in line with Government Guidelines.  Our members’ health and safety will always be the main priority in everything we do.

Finally, thank you all for your steadfast support and belief in the future of bdu3a, when we closed in March 2020, we had 100 members, 88 have rejoined and we have recruited 5 new members during lockdown.  When we return some of those lost may return.  The Third Age Trust predicted a 20/25% loss in membership, well with a 12% loss, we knocked that out of the park!  YEAH!!!

Onwards and upwards, with a new Committee and new start after Covid bdu3a can only go from strength to strength.

Bev Crofts 

Voting is now closed.


Our Vision is to encourage lifelong learning, through the experience of BDU3A, a reality for all third agers.


Our Mission declares our purpose as an organisation and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. It is to: Facilitate the growth of BDU3A Provide support for all Groups and learning within BDU3A Raise the profile of BDU3A Promote the benefits of joining BDU3A with regard to learning and participating in a variety of activity.

The formation of the BDU3A was formally agreed at the inaugural meeting on May 20th 2015. Click here to read the U3A Terms and Conditions of Membership and to download a copy of the Constitution. You can also find the new member application form on the page.

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