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2020 Art Appreciation

September 2020

Our  next meeting will be 6th February 2020 at The Coffee Cup, 2 Castle Street Bolsover.

February:   Depicting snow and ice landscapes – Limbourg brothers, Avercamp, Bruegal, Turner, Grandma Moses and others.

March: Animals in art including Durer’s March Hare, Stubbs’ Whistlejack and Lowry’s cats and dogs.

April:   What do Dali, da Vinci and Ruben have in Common?

May:  DaDa Movement – what is this all about?  Come and find out

December 10th 2019

Art Appreciation.

At our December meeting a list of topics for 2020 was decided on, with the first 4 months subjects we are planning to cover.

Jan-Feb   Depicting Snow & Ice / Love, Marriage.

A look at snow in landscapes (Pieter Bruegel /Turner etc.)

Rodin the Kiss / Klimt / Renoir / Religious works. (Discussion and look at our findings)

March   Durer / Felipe Laurie

April    Leonardo da Vinci   The Last Supper and other similar paintings

Remainder of popular suggestions in no particular order. Relevant visits to exhibitions churches and places of interestto be included during the year.

Modern/Women Artists (Celia to lead this subject)
Photographic Dating
Aubrey Beardsley
Symbolism in Art
Modernist through to pre-historic age forms of art
Barbara Hepworth / Rodin
Dada Movement

Our next meeting will be 6th February 2020

Venue to be confirmed. (Hillstown Village Hall or Coffee Cup)