Arts and Craft – Archive

Tuesday 16th July 2019

Today was mostly a knitting day, scarves, blankets and the beginnings of a tiny white garment.  Crocheting was on the agenda, the start of a blanket.  We then had a cross stitch piece which will one day emerge as a picture of a duck.  Two more members decided pastels was their preference, a beautiful picture of a vase of hyacinths and an equally lovely bluebell wood. Another Group Member was completing some beautifully dainty bead work,   then another decided to go off piste and, with a little help from a friend, stripped down a foot stool ready for reupholstering.  Photographs of all the work in progress can be seen below

February 19th 2019

There is no end to the to the diverse talents of the Art and Craft Group- individuals do whatever craft they are interested in and are always willing to share knowledge and help each other. Currently we have members who paint (all mediums) knit, sew, wool felt, make jewellery and jewelled ornaments, make cards, decoupage and we all like to experiment and learn new things

We are a very friendly group and support each other during troubles  and laugh and share during the group session.

We meet every 3rd. Tues of each month at 1.30pm at Bainbridge Hall you can just pop in and get a feel for the group before joining us  if you are not sure this is for you.

September 12th 2018

Art and Craft group.
Meet at Bainbridge Hall 1.30 every 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Having started off as a very small group our numbers have grown to the full capacity, but don’t let that put you off enquiring as very occasionally any group could loss a member for a variety of reasons.
The idea of this group is that everyone follows their own interests in crafting and painting; we have knitters, sewers, paper folding, card making drawing painting, beadwork. This group is very friendly and supportive to each other, each of us are willing to share our skills and sometimes a lesson is taken up teaching and encouraging someone else to develop a new skill. We also have the occasional project, where a group of us will decide we will all work doing something different. Recently the painters did a collage painting using all sorts of mediums and incorporating into the picture various other items. The results were quite stunning. (Again, not every painter did this, the choice is yours)
We are hopefully going to have a stall in the newly renovated Old Bolsover Yard in the spring where we will display our work and put some of it on sale. Also an ideal opportunity the promote the U3A.
So if you are a crafter or artist, do make yourself known to us, it maybe that you could demonstrate your art at one of our sessions whilst getting a taste of what we are about.

July 21st 2018

Today the Group once again showed their skill, choosing varying and different projects, once again water colours by Pat and Wilson.  Sandra was knitting poppies ready for armistice, Cathy was having a go at decoupage!  And Pam tried her hand at pastels, not quite finished.   Just to mention a few.


June 19th 2018

Another fun afternoon at Arts and Craft.  The photos below show, two water colours, poppies  by Pat, the seascape with islands at dusk, by Wilson, bead work by Sandra, the floral pencil drawing by Judith, and Cathy relaxing with her knitting, such a variety of skill, wonderful.

May 15th 2018

What a lovely time we spent at Art Group today chattering over our respective creations to one another.  It is brilliant that we can all meet together & have the opportunity to try out new things in a relaxed atmosphere where no-one makes fun of our attempts.  Rather we encourage each other and share in our skills & knowledge.  It is a lovely group to be a part of and each one of us was doing something different. Cathy trying a fairy “diamond painting” , Sandra K. having a go at painting Mandale stones, Sandra D was creating a “seed bead” tree.  Judith & Gene doing “wet wool” felting & needle felting, two very different ways to use wool and I was dabbling with some water colour pencils & inks. Very therapeutic.

March 24th 2018

Another fun afternoon with Art and Crafts.  The picture below shows Pat’s beautiful water colour painting of tulips, Cathie’s first attempt at pastels and Pam’s first attempt at origami!  Well done all!

February 20th 2018

Another brilliant afternoon at Arts and Craft, Bainbridge Hall.  We welcomed yet another group member, her pastel picture is shown below along with Sarah’s first attempt in oils and Pat certainly knows her onions.  All are works in progress.

December 21st 2017

Art and Craft Group met on Tuesday 19th December at Bainbridge Hall.  The photograph shows a graphite and ink drawing of a birch tree, by Pam.  She had never attempted this form of art before, it is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  I think it’s wonderful, but everyone will make their own mind up.  Can’t do it?  Have you tried?  Come and join us in the New Year,  Tuesday 16th January, Bainbridge Hall, 1.30pm.

October 23rd 2017

Couldn’t wait another month to finish my collage, so did it at home!  Based on a photograph of Mount Fuji.  Bev

October 17th 2017

Another relaxing afternoon at Arts and Craft.  Pictured below are two more collage pictures, oil paint, sea coal, hops and other secret ingredients!  You’ll have to join us to find out what!  The other is all bead work, not quite finished, but beautiful.  Well done Pam and Sandra.  Thanks Gene your mentoring is second to non.   Bev

September 20th 2017

The Arts and Craft group spent a very relaxing afternoon creating our own collage. Not all were finished but will be worked on next month. Pictured here is one that was finished, a beautiful seaside scene, a lot of work and imagination, well done.


August 25th 2917

Oh!  I’m adamant I can’t paint! I am not an artist! I was offered a challenge! Just got round to framing the original painting.  Below is a a photograph of a couple of Acer’s, planted by me to celebrate the birth of my first two grandchildren. There is also the photograph which I copied in oils.   If I can do this so can you! Give it a try, and under the guidance of Gene Brothwell, and other members of the group, you too can achieve heights you never thought you could reach. I never dreamt I could do this, if I can, you can. Give it a try, I love it and can recommend you join us.  Bev.

August 25th 2017

Next Art/Craft session some of us are going to be doing a collage painting so bring scraps materials, glitter, fine grit, small pebbles wool, – anything you think you could use as well as your paints and a canvas. the others are doing jigsaw rings, but this does not limit you – you can do whatever art you wish.1.30 at Bainbridge hall 3rd Tues in the month.

June 22nd, 2017

Well they say while the cats away etc, but not in this case, the Arts and Craft group met this afternoon and we were all sending good wishes and get well soon vibes to Gene who would normally be at the helm.  Thanks to Sandra Keller who led the group today and managed to get us to make these wonderful “flowers in a jug” cards, a tribute to Gene who never ceases to encourage.  Many thanks, for a great afternoon.


 May 16th 2017

Today was the first time I have managed to get to the Arts and Craft group.  Members had a choice of various crafts, painting, pop up cards and flower making.  What an enjoyable time I had, thinking I would observe, no no no no no, wasn’t going to get away with that, so had a go at making a carnation, looked more like a sweet pea to me, and no I’m not showing a photo!!  However have added a photo, absolutely adorable poppy.  Loved it all, and will certainly go again.  I do not consider myself artistic at all, unless I’m cooking, but there is a glimmer of hope there so will continue to try, and that’s what matters.  So would encourage everyone to give it a try, doesn’t matter if you make a mess, just give it a go and enjoy.    Bev



May 12th 2017

What a busy week next week is, but we would still love to see you at the Arts and Craft Group, another fun group with various arts and craft to learn, try and enjoy. Tuesday 16th May, 1.30pm, Bainbridge Hall, Bolsover. For more information, click the link on the ‘What’s On’ page, BDU3A website, to find contact details for Gene Brothwell. Everyone is welcome.



October 2017

Two beautifully artistic pictures produced this afternoon, you could be doing something similar, just join us!

December 22nd 2016

We have had a very successful year and made many different items, but best of all, we have enjoyed the friendly banter over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Some of the group are not experienced crafters, but have had a go and surprised themselves. We have shared knowledge and materials and made items from recycled goods, so it has not cost a lot. Most of the items I made, at the class and at home were sold to raise funds for Bluebell children’s hospice and Weston Park cancer hospital, so we have fun, make new friends and end result helps others.

Some members have now left the U3A so our numbers are depleted and we will miss their input, but I am sure there are others out there who are crafty. if so we would love to see you, and if you have a particular skill please share it with us.
We continue to meet at Bainbridge Hall on the 3rd. Tues. of the month at 1.30pm so the next class will be on Tues. 17th Jan.

You can do whatever craft your are interested in, some of us who like painting/drawing are going to concentrate on this in the New Year whilst the others will bring something they like to do.
Happy Christmas to you all.