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November 7th 2019

Saturday, we met in the Coop carpark Bolsover at 1pm, then headed off out to Castleton.  The Village was packed and it took a while to park.  Then coffee and cake was a must.  From there we walked through the Village window browsing and admiring the Christmas lights.  The Church was beautifully decorated with many Christmas trees all wonderful, all different.  We then went on a food hunt and finally decided on the local fish and chips, delicious.   By then it was time to make our way to the Peak Cavern, for a couple of hours of mulled wine, minced pies, the Castleton Silver Band and singing Christmas Carols and songs in the “ Devil’s Arse”  entrance to the Peak Cavern.  It was wonderful, and great fun, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  Many thanks to Pam for organising and making sure we all got tickets.  A few photos:- the first a tad blurred but captures the fun we had.

What a fabulous way to finish off our ACT  activities for the year, again thanks to Pam.

October 26t 2019

The Arts, Cinema & Theatre section of the BDU3A perhaps can’t really be called a “group” as such as anyone can join in at any time, going to as much or as little as they like, but for want of a better word group will have to do.
As leader/co-ordinator of this group I try to find an eclectic choice of entertainment that I hope might appeal to our members. Interest has been shown in many events since the group started which is pleasing as that demonstrates to me that there is a diverse range of genre that our BDU3A members enjoy. However, it would be nice if more of our members would venture out to a matinee or evening performance in the company of fellow lovers of the arts be it cinema, drama, dance or music.
Details of performances (plus proposed plans for the future) can be found on the web under the ACT Interest Page as a link. Just click on it and let me know via if you would like to go to any of them. Or, indeed, if you have any other ideas for going to something that I don’t appear to be offering then please get in touch.
Thanks Pam

October 25th 2019


please click on the link above to see possible forthcoming events

October 18th 2019

ACT Schedule of Current And Future Events

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please contact Pam direct or for more details.

Wednesday 2nd October 2019


What can I say?  Just a few of us spent this afternoon at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield, watching and listening to the amazing music of Buddy Holly, superb performances all round.

We watched his story unfold and then, a taste of the Big Bopper 29, and Richie Valens, just 17, both these fabulous artists died alongside Buddy Holly aged just 23, on that fateful flight from New York to Iowa, on the 3rd February 1959 .   Took us all back to our youth, brilliant, thanks for organising it Pam

Where have those 60 years gone?!!  Loved it!

Friday 20th September 2019

Thursday evening 19th September several  ACT members went to the Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield to see the Black Veil, a play adapted from a short story written by Charles Dickens.  It was a very dark production, not everyone’s cup of tea.  But looking beyond that it was a very clever adaptation well presented by just 3 actors, how do they remember all those line?

Today, Friday 20th, we went, again to the Pomegranate Theatre to see Downton Abbey the movie.  So as not to spoil it for those who may want to go all I would say is, it was fun, it was funny, it was lump in the throat sad, it was romantic on two fronts.  It was lighted hearted, with a story, there was exciting news and definite potential for a sequel!  We all agreed we go and see it again.  Overall did not disappoint, brilliant!

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7th July 2019

What can I say?  ACT relaunched last night with a fanfare!  A group of us set out for an afternoon in Buxton before making our way to the Devonshire Dome to watch the Buxton Military Tattoo.  A truly wonderful experience.  All proceeds go to ABF The Soldiers Charity. the Army’s National Charity.

One of the photos shows a soldier up close and loud, several were stood around the balcony, this particular one stood between two of us while playing the opening fanfare, a privilege.

Below the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers waiting their turn, and the Pipes and Drums of RAF Waddington.