bdu3a diary dates

bdu3a Diary Dates

This page will ( one day ) be full of events for the coming month(s). Hopefully soon we might be able to meet up outside, then ………. and then for lunch.

  1. Assembly Hall, Hill Top, Bolsover S44 6NG
  2. Bainbridge Hall S44 6PX
  3. Coffee Cup S44 6PP
  4. Bolsover Library S44 6HB
  5. Bolsover Methodist Church, Hilltop S44 6NN
  6. The Chesterfield Bowl, Storforth Lane S40 2TU
  7. Hillstown Village Hall, 12 Nesbit Street, Bolsover S44 6LW

For further details on individual groups, speak to the Group Leader or email