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February 22nd 2021

Bolsover District u3a Books & Reading Group                    

A Selection of Individual Members’ List of Books Read During Lockdown   2020/2021


​​​​​​​​                  Rating

1. Tracey Chevalier:  Remarkable Creatures.  Based on a true story about two       19thCentury fossil hunters.  Kate Winslet to star in the upcoming film.                8/10

2. Muriel Barbery:  The Elegance of the Hedgehog.  Translated from the original French, tells of a concierge living/working in a block of upmarket apartments.   7/10

3. Andrea Camilleri:  Angelica’s Smile.    Crime novel set in Sicily.    Montalbano fans will enjoy this.​​​​​​​​         9/10

4. Katherine McMahon:  A Way Through the Woods.  Blurb describes it as             “A Past Full of Secrets”.   Well written.​​​​​         6/10

5. Richard Osman:  The Thursday Murder Club.   One to chase away the blues      on a dull afternoon.                                                                                               9.5/10

6. Robert Galbraith:  Troubled Blood.  His (her) latest Strike novel.  Can’t go       wrong with this excellent writer.                                                                           9.5/10       

7. Delia Owens:  Where the Crawdads Sing.  “The story pulls you in so much         that you can’t bear to leave it.”                                                                             9.5/10

8. William Boyd:  Sweet Caress – The Many Lives of Amory Clay.                     Fictional Biography                                                                                               9/10

9. Kate Rordan:  The Girl in the Photograph.  Mystery story spanning             different generations.                                                                                             8/10

10. Anita Shreve:  The Lives of Stella Bain.  Amnesia patient with intriguing past which is gradually revealed.                                                                                  9/10

11. Alex Michaelides:  The Silent Patient.  A suspenseful murder mystery.           8/10

12. Alex Michaelides:  Silent Witness.  Psychological thriller.  “Brilliant”            9/10

13. C.J. Tudor:  The Other People.  A man searches for his lost daughter            following the murder of his wife.                                                                          7/10

14. Mike Jackson:  The Underground Man.  Loosely based on the eccentric 5th       Duke of Portland.  “A very gentle work of fiction”.                                            8/10

15. Joseph Conrad:  Chance.  “Interesting plot but tedious”.                                 5/10

16. Dean Koontz:  Devotion.  “Fantasy and a half!”  Left our reader thinking           “What if?!”                                                                                                           8/10

17. Kate Atkinson:  Transcription.  Our reader felt disappointed after its              brilliant write-up.                                                                                                  5/10

18. Hilary Mantel:  The Mirror and the Light.  Last in the Wolf Hall Trilogy.   8/10

19. Ian Mortimer:  The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England.  An absorbing read and an excellent accompaniment for our History Group’s            project, the Tudors, last year.​​​​​​​       9/10

20. Dick Francis:  Under Orders.    Murder and suspense in the sport of horse        racing.  “A light and agreeable read”.                                                                   9/10

21. Simon Montefiore:  Shashenka.  Shashenka is the daughter of Stalin and this            is a story of love and betrayal.                                                                               8/10

22. Tony Parsons:  The Murder Bag.  A group of boys who were friends at a         private school and are murdered one by one.  “Gripping!”.                                  9/10

23. Clare Mackintosh:  I Let You Go.  Tragic story of a woman who loses

everything, moves away to start again, only for her past to catch up with her.      “Great read!”.                                                                                                         9/10

24. Christie Watson:  Tiny Birds Far Away.  First novel, set in the niger delta,       about a 12 year old girl and her family.                                                                10/10