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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Today was mostly a knitting day, scarves, blankets and the beginnings of a tiny white garment.  Crocheting was on the agenda, the start of a blanket.  We then had a cross stitch piece which will one day emerge as a picture of a duck.  Two more members decided pastels was their preference, a beautiful picture of a vase of hyacinths and an equally lovely bluebell wood. Another Group Member was completing some beautifully dainty bead work,   then another decided to go off piste and, with a little help from a friend, stripped down a foot stool ready for reupholstering.  Photographs of all the work in progress can be seen below

February 19th 2019

There is no end to the to the diverse talents of the Art and Craft Group- individuals do whatever craft they are interested in and are always willing to share knowledge and help each other. Currently we have members who paint (all mediums) knit, sew, wool felt, make jewellery and jewelled ornaments, make cards, decoupage and we all like to experiment and learn new things

We are a very friendly group and support each other during troubles  and laugh and share during the group session.

We meet every 3rd. Tues of each month at 1.30pm at Bainbridge Hall you can just pop in and get a feel for the group before joining us  if you are not sure this is for you.