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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JANUARY 2020 CADG MEETING WILL BE ON JANUARY 23rd – our usual dates  will remain for the rest of the year.


The topic for January 2020 is ‘Does science fiction eventually become a reality?’

The topic for February 2020 will consider the importance of recognising mental health problems and improving access to essential support.

We will all have had different experiences to relate – and the more differences the better!  All welcome, including non-members, for a taster. So please join us – we have a very relaxed, yet stimulating time, chewing the fat. You would be very welcome – just turn up – and tell us what you would like to debate too.

                                                 Comments from members


The meeting was well attended.  Sheila introduced the subject of Migration – its causes and consequences. Several other members had also done some research. It soon became clear that if we went back far enough in the records we are all descended from migrants. For thousands of years people had moved across the land in search of valuable goods, or fertile land, or to trade in spices or other expensive items.  The current difficulties with movement of people often stemmed from poverty, famine and war. People also migrate for economic reasons, perhaps to get a better job or the benefits of a particular country. After much discussion it was clear that no one had a solution to the situation although everyone hoped that the governments of the countries concerned could deal with the wars, famine & poverty that devastated their people.

Jauary 10th 2019

The CADG met on 10th January. Barbara welcomed new members to the group.  Julie introduced the topic of Robots & Drones and gave us details of her research on the history of the subject. A lively discussion followed, when people considered the good & bad of both new technologies. Whilst no firm consensus was reached it became clear that this was not a new situation as the introduction of the steam engine for public transport in the 19th century had caused a lot of consternation. There was no stopping the progress of technology , but it was hoped that some regulation could be enacted to restrict the worrying aspects of these machines.