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November 8th 2019
Today we used homemade gesso and modge podge, recycled parts of unloved lace/net curtains, and an outdated lace dress all car boot sale, charity shop buys or found in the back of a drawer. Designing our own jewellry boxes at the moment – every one will be different. How will they turn out ….who knows?……it’s the process of experimenting and learning different techniques that’s the idea (without costing a craft shop fortune, although sometimes gotta have..!).
Fancy joining us? We will appreciate your input, or just sit and have a cuppa!
We meet every 2nd Friday of the month at a member’s home

October 12th 2019

11th October 2019
Today we started off by discussing Copyright and Angel Policies, and then moved on to creating…..
There is a recycling element to a lot of what we do, ie; using items bought at charity shops/car boot sales and making some of our own supplies.
Some members of this group are designing their own album, be it for photos, poetry, family tree, creative writing (or whatever they like). Others are personalising and altering boxes to hold precious items important to them.
Sharing ideas, techniques, equipment, materials, laughter and friendship along the way.
Curious? You are welcome to come along and see if this group is of interest to you. We meet on the 2nd Friday of every month at a member’s home. The next meeting being Friday 8th November at 2pm.

August 15th 2019

Our group met on Friday 9th August and a member wrote the following:

“Another enjoyable afternoon at Design and Create. I am really enjoying learning new skills and working with different materials. It’s really satisfying making new things. I can’t wait to see the end result of my ‘fountain photo album’, it will make a fab Christmas  present. Still a free space, why don’t you come and join us?” You will be welcome.

The group meets on the 2nd Friday of every month, at a member’s home. Contact can be made via – or contact Julie on –

Our next meeting is on Friday 13 September at 2pm.



June 2019

We met today and taxed our brains with making pocket pages to start our albums.  There were some small blips along the way (here I take an intake of breath – mine was the biggest) but hey,  everyone took it into their stride, thank you.  We completed a waterfall page and started a wallet style one.  There was laughter along the way, and at least, if nothing else, we learned how to unblock glue and how to score card at 1/2 an inch!!   Next meeting is Friday 12th July at 2pm. Julie

May 12th 2019

On Friday 10th May there was an introduction to some die cutting and heat embossing techniques (laughter included along the way!). We then decided for next month to start the process of making small interactive photo albums using recycled cat food boxes with each person designing a theme for their album.
Next meeting is Friday 14th June 2pm at a member’s home.
The group is full at present, however, if anyone is interested in joining us please email