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Design and Create – October 2020 update
Our group continued to meet approx monthly in my garden during the beautiful spring and summer weather (avoiding the rainy days of course).
September and October meetings were held at Hillstown Village Hall.
Our creations during this time included –
Altering a plain picture frame in a style worthy of holding a picture of the Taj Mahal, India which was visited by one of our members.
Painting a recycled bottle with home made gesso ready to decorate with air dry clay using silicone moulds.
Preparing material with a size ready to print photos of our ancestors on to.
Creating collage pieces made from recycled magazines, all themed in a different way.
Making flowers with organza using the burning technique.
Covering mdf shapes with paper ready to personalise
Starting to construct mini albums using recycled cat box



I thoroughly enjoyed my first U3A group at HVH, it was really nice to catch up with old friends. I also forgot I was wearing face protection, as I was so engrossed in my project.     SS

Thanks for all you are doing for us.