Mixed Media Art

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April 6th, 2021
Please note the change of name to Mixed Media Art 
Thursday 22nd April 2021
The weather was perfect, sunny and still, ideal for six ‘crafty’ ladies to get together in our group leader’s garden to catch up before getting down to the business of ‘Mixed Media Art’.
I am the least arty person in the group but they let me come along anyway to watch and listen and to make the teas and coffees.  Actually,  with a little help I managed to produce a pair of golden angels wings for a personal project – so thank you ladies!
BDU3A has a wealth of talent in its members who are, without exception, the friendliest, kindest group of people I have ever met.
Whatever your interests, there is a group here for you and you will be welcomed whenever Covid allows us to open our doors again.
February 15th 2021

Design and Create

Our group have been keeping in touch mainly via Whatsapp during the past year and on 6th February 2021 attempted our first Zoom meeting.  There were a few blips ie voice but no video, internet ups and downs but in the main was successful and it was nice to see everyone.  Having Whatsapp on a mobile phone open for contact was useful to help anyone out if needed.

We talked of a recent BBC4 programme, Craftivism Making a Difference, which is a very interesting concept, worth a watch.

We also discussed Grayson’s Art Club and thought we may enter something, however, the entry dates were too close to manage doing this.

There is also a competition running through until the end of March, accessed through their website – King Lear Art.

We decided to each start an individual Art Journal, Youtube have lots of different ideas on this subject to suit all tastes and styles, also Facebook have art groups that people can join.

Information was passed on re an email which was coming soon about the AGM, Membership Forms were being posted out to all members, the 2021/2022 fee was being waived, and if anyone was interested in becoming a committee member please make this known.

Whatsapp has been a good way to keep in touch, share ideas etc and this month we have welcomed 2 members to the group.

To be continued………


Design and Create – October 2020 update
Our group continued to meet approx monthly in my garden during the beautiful spring and summer weather (avoiding the rainy days of course).
September and October meetings were held at Hillstown Village Hall.
Our creations during this time included –
Altering a plain picture frame in a style worthy of holding a picture of the Taj Mahal, India which was visited by one of our members.
Painting a recycled bottle with home made gesso ready to decorate with air dry clay using silicone moulds.
Preparing material with a size ready to print photos of our ancestors on to.
Creating collage pieces made from recycled magazines, all themed in a different way.
Making flowers with organza using the burning technique.
Covering mdf shapes with paper ready to personalise
Starting to construct mini albums using recycled cat box


I thoroughly enjoyed my first U3A group at HVH, it was really nice to catch up with old friends. I also forgot I was wearing face protection, as I was so engrossed in my project.     SS

Thanks for all you are doing for us.