Flowers for Fun

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Flowers for Fun Themes for 2019

November 22nd               Christmas

October 25th 2019

Novembers theme is Christmas

We always have fun at Flowers for Fun and today was no exception.  The talent and inspiration never ceases to amaze.  Our theme this month was Bonfire or Halloween, some were a bit of both.  We were only a small group, but the results are pictured below.

Halloween, Fireworks, Halloween Bonfire, Halloween and Halloween

September 27th 2019

This month’s theme was the weather, we have from top to bottom.  Beautiful blooms.

Summer Sunshine, Thunder Clouds, Rain Clouds and Lighting, Rainbow, with the Sun and the Rain, then Snow Storm in a Tea Cup

October is Halloween/Guy Fawlkes

Below shows Halloween

Once again a very enjoyable afternoon “messing about with flowers”,  very rewarding and some beautiful inventive arrangements


August 23rd 2019

A very pleasant warm afternoon, trying to remember the words of our favourite childhood nursery rhyme while attempting to create a picture in flowers.

Above we have, Ring a Ring of Roses,  Three Little Kittens have lost their Mittens,  Oranges and Lemons, Incy Wincy Spider,   Humpty Dumpty, fallen off the wall!  Little Miss Muffet.

All telling a story, All beautifully presented.


July 26th 2019

What a fun afternoon, getting to know our new venue, like finding the kettle and cups!  Priority’s!  The theme was film, we had

White Christmas


Gone With The Wind

South Pacific

Driving Miss Daisy

The Mummy Book of the Dead

Excellent arrangements, relaxed and enjoyable.

Just don’t have nightmares over the last one 🤣

28th June 2019

Despite not having access to our usual venue, we managed to produce some excellent flower arrangements after adjourning to one of our members kitchen, who very kindly offered to take us in!  The theme was history, we had two delightful displays of “The Wars of the Roses”.” The Women’s Suffrage Movement”  and a very clever “Geological Time Line” or “The Dawn of Time”

For next month’s challenge it is Film.  The arrangement shown is “Dial M for Murder”

24th May 2019

The subject -Travel

From Japanese Gardens to the humble travel bag, the seaside to a sailing ship, around the world and a road train, fabulous floral arrangements, full of colour artistic flare and imagination.

And next month, it’s history!

26th April 2019

Another fun afternoon creating beautiful flower arrangements, this  time “Celebration”

A photograph below shows a celebration of a garden in bloom entitled How Does Your Garden Grow, a very innovative idea, and beautifully done

The second photo demonstrates what members will be producing next month, the subject is Travel.  An Australian theme.


22nd March 2019

So, this afternoon was collectibles and we had some fabulous arrangements.  Pictured here


Crystals and Stones, Woodland Creatures, Birds,  Earings, Photographs and Porcelain, very creative and such individual interpretations of the brief.  So relaxing and great fun.

Below are two examples of next month’s brief  Celebrations the first photograph is for graduation, the second, for Mother’s Day

22nd February 2019

Back in the swing of things today, great afternoon creating “hobbies” in flowers.

We had, gardening, sewing, knitting, art, craft, and shopping!  The shopping photo to follow!

Next time it’s Collectables, bellow it’s Stamps!

As promised the bag, the hobbie?  Shopping!