Interest Groups

For more information please contact until group contacts are available. Will all Interest Group leaders send their contact details to the web group at

Group Name, where the group meets, when the group meets, Email for contact.
ITM – In The Month
bdu3a Members Meeting, HVH, 3rd Wednesday ITM, 2:00pm
bdu3a Committee Meeting, HVH, 1st Wednesday ITM, 10:30am
bdu3a Coffee Morning, On Hold, 4th Wednesday ITM, 10:30am
Click on the Interest Group name for information about the Interest Group. This information should encourage joining the group.

Interest Group leaders are asked to send a few paragraphs of information about their group to the web team on
Alternative Therapies, HVH, 2nd Monday ITM, 10:00am
Art Appreciation , HVH, 3rd Wednesday ITM, 10:30am
Arts and Craft, HVH, 3rd Tuesday ITM, 1:30pm
Books and Reading, Bolsover Library, 2nd Monday ITM, 2:00pm,
Arts, Cinema, Theatre, On Hold, varies, varies
Creative Writing, HVH, 4th Wednesday ITM, 2:00pm
Current Affairs Discussion, HVH, 2nd Thursday ITM, 2:00pm, Sheila  on 01246 813765,
Digital Photography, HVH, 1st Tuesday ITM, 12:00pm
Flowers for Fun, On Hold, 4th Friday ITM, 1:30pm
History, HVH, 4th Tuesday ITM, 2:00pm
Lawn Bowls, HVH, Every Wednesday except Members’ Meeting day, 2:00pm
Love of Food, Home, 1st Monday ITM, 1:30pm
Lunch Club, From Sept 25, 4th Thursday ITM, 12:30pm, Jean Hassall 0771517075
Mixed Media Art, Home, 2nd Friday ITM, 2:00pm,
National Trust Group, 4th Monday ITM, 2:00pm
Play Reading, HVH, 3rd Friday ITM, 2:00pm
Strollers, Varies, 3rd Monday ITM, 11:00am, Jean Hassall 07715170756
Supper Group, no information available
Ten Pin Bowling for Fun, Bowling Alley, 2nd Friday ITM, 1:00pm
The Village Gardeners, HVH, Every Thursday. 10:00am
Travel Group, HVH, 2nd Wednesday ITM, 10:30am
Walking for Pleasure, On Hold, 2nd Tuesday ITM, 10:00am