Diary Dates

To bring up the diary click on bdu3a diary dates | Bolsover District U3A

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Coming Up – Week 43

Thursday 28th October – 12.30 Lunch group, contact to book your place is Jean Hassall.

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Coming Up – Week 43

Monday 25th October – 10am National Trust group at Hillstown Village Hall Studio (book your places for the group lunch on 13/12/21).

Monday 25th October – 10am Coffee morning at Hillstown Bowls Pavilion.

Tuesday 26th October – 2pm History group at Hillstown Village Hall Studio.

Wednesday 27th October – 1030am Art Appreciation group at Hillstown Village Hall Meeting Room.

Wednesday 27th October – 2pm Short Mat Bowls group at Hillstown Village Hall.

Wednesday 27th October – 2pm Creative Writing group at Hillstown Village Hall Studio.

Thursday 28th October – 10am Village Gardeners group, contact Kevin Bates for update.

Thursday 28th October – 12.30pm Lunch Group at Chesters F&C Restaurant, Chesterfield, contact Jean Hull to book your place.

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Current Affairs Discussion – October meeting

Current Affairs Discussion group’s topic for October was ‘Illegal immigration into the UK – good or bad?’ The seven attendees had a lively discussion regarding what should be done, but, unfortunately, were unable to solve the problem for the government. Thanks to all who attended. Steve, Group Leader.

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Riding for Smiles

Thank you to bdu3a members who came along to our talk today, we were made very welcome. I hope you enjoyed and really leaned about the work of Riding for Smiles I am really proud of the achievements of the charity.

If you would like to volunteer to help at any of the sessions please get in touch There are sessions most days during school hours and, of course, during school terms.

Thank you everyone for your very generous donations. We will buy some ’Well done’ rosettes The children love to get the rosettes at the end of a 6-week programme.

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November’s dates for your diary

You can view the days and times of bdu3a events in November by clicking on bdu3a diary dates

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Wednesday’s meeting

Busy week next week for Riding for Smiles We are really looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday Last week we had around 70 children who are disabled and disadvantaged at the stables and just a few grown ups. Same this week together with headteachers, directors from local businesses and our local MP also visiting.

Here’s what one of the teachers said, ”Using the riding activities has improved their social skills, boosted their confidence and also given them a real sense of self-believe and optimism. The project has also provided the children with regular physical activity and a chance to ‘escape’ from the stresses and problems caused by the pandemic over the last 12 months.”

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Coming Up – Week 42

Monday 18th October – 10am Coffee Morning at Hillstown Bowls Pavilion

Monday 18th October – 11am Strollers group at the Stockley Trail

Tuesday 19th October – 2pm Arts & Crafts group at Hillstown Village Hall Studio

Wednesday 20th October – 2pm MONTHLY GENERAL MEETING at Hillstown Village Hall

Speaker:- Dr Geoff Cutts “Riding for Smiles”

Thursday 21st October – Village Gardeners group at Hillstown Village Hall

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Strollers – Monday 18th October

Dear Strollers

Despite earlier dire weather forecasts it looks as though we will now get our stroll on Monday. Meet at the Stockley Trail car park by Auto supplies at 11am. Coffee and cake at "Just roll with it cakes" afterwards. If the weather does turn out wet we could always skip the stroll and go straight for the cake!


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Minutes of the Committee Meeting

The minutes of the September Committee meeting are available at Minutes of BDU3A meetings

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bdu3a Village Gardeners

Village Gardeners. 14th October 2021 

Our (bdu3a) regular weekly gardeners have been busy preparing the pond for next year. It has been dug out, the pond liner fitted and filled with water, no leaks, so good news there. We are laying slabs to surround it to prevent any slips. A few pond plants will shortly be introduced, we hope creatures will begin to use it as we have spotted a frog or two in the area! 

The regular weekly gardeners would also like to thank bdu3a members who have brought plants from their own gardens to help us on the way. 

The new seating areas look really good, eventually, we have plans for installing raised beds, all of this is paid for by Hillstown Village Hall, not from any u3a funds.  We (bdu3a) provide the ideas and labour they (HVH) provide the cash so it’s a win, win situation.   

If your bdu3a group is meeting at HVH please take a look at the garden and Pavilion area and see what has been done. You may want to join us.

From your friends at the gardening group. 

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