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Tuesday 25th February 2020
Again, full capacity for the group this month, with a growing waiting list to join. Shows what a great bunch we are! I will be looking at ways of trying to accommodate everyone who shares our interest in this subject – Watch this space!
In the meantime I’d like to thank all who contributed to this month’s topic – The Great Fire of London. We also included other, equally disastrous, fires across the country, looking at contemporary paintings of the London Fire and, of course, special thanks to Mr Pepys for his invaluable contemporary view.
Going forward, as it’s the 400th anniversary of when the Mayflower set sail to America, we are researching all we can before our next meeting on Tuesday 24th March. We are planning a visit to Retford, which played an important part in this epic voyage, for sometime in June, and will advise members as soon as we have the details.


Tuesday 28th January 2020

Full house today, the first group meeting of 2020. The topic was the Plague of London 1666 and, as usual, group members had done their homework. Our friend Samuel Pepys was a contemporary witness; current members had also researched the plague(s) in Europe and general plagues throughout history. Of course, given our proximity to Eyam we also discussed this “plague village” and its saviour, clergyman William Mompesson. Sadly, the current coronavirus crisis was also brought into the conversation.
Next month we will be discussing the Great Fire of London. I will be bringing along Mr Pepys again and talking about his cheese and wine! 😉
Unfortunately this successful group is now closed to new members but please contact me if you would like me to add your name to the waiting list.