“lock down photos, the beauty around us”

Lockdown or Tiers, all in snapshots.  A reminder that despite everything there is natural beauty out there.  Please send your photos to bolu3a@outlook.comHope you enjoy browsing and are inspired to join in.

Please keep those photo’s coming, signs of Spring,  hopes for the future, and that elusive rainbow. 

March 10th 2021

Garden pond filling with frogspawn 

March 7th 2021

Who set the sky on fire?  Anyone know where this is?  Answers to bolu3a@outlook.com


February 28th 2021

A beautiful cyclamen, carpet of colour.

February 27th 2021

what a beautiful sight!  A bee covered in pollen! On a velvet crocus background

All senses out on this beautiful morning – the birds are in full voice – glorious 

February 26th 2021

A cave at Upper Langwith, possibility of cave art?

February 23rd 2021

Surprise View


February 17th 2021

An old tree covered in fungus!  Anyone know what it is?  Let us know, bolu3a@outlook.com

A local shot                                      Getting toward dusk

Time to draw the curtains!

February 15th 2021

  What a difference a day makes,  just add some glorious sunshine.

February 14th 2021

A few beautiful photographs taken by members in and around Bolsover and District.

Icicles in the hedgerows, isn’t nature beautiful


Keep Safe and Healthy

January 29th 2021

A lockdown activity

A beautiful morning in Bolsover

January 27th 2021

The Wolf Moon!  The first full moon of 2021.

There it was at 4.30 this afternoon.

January 25th 2021

A cold and misty morning

What on Earth is he doing?                               Feeding Opportunist

The Iconic Robin!  Beautiful

Late afternoon, sitting on a bench with only a robin and passing mallard for company.

Surrounded by the sounds of nature, reflecting on life in the slow lanr


January 21st 2021

The Snowdrops are starting to peep through

Winter visitors at Carr Vale Reserve

Wigeon Ducks                                                    Amazing photo, mainly Canada Geese

January 19th 2021

The Hellebores are out!  Spring around the corner

And the Bay is going mad

January 15th 2021

Snowy Sunrise

January 8th 2021

Poolsbrook and the ducks are  dancing on ice

January 7th 2021

Good morning from frosty Bolsover

Two halves of winter?

Doe Lea River and Pond

January 2nd 2021

Its snowing in Clowne

And it’s snowing in Bolsover

A walk, a flask of coffee and a beautiful view.

The Ponds

A sign of things to come?  Spring is not far away


January 1st 2021

New life emerging from the snow.  A reminder that we too can rise from the depth

December 31st 2020

A confused rainbow!  Is there any wonder?


December 30th 2020

The wonders of nature   (Magical Mushrooms?)

Sunrise over Scarcliffe this morning.

December 29th 2020


More photos from this afternoon/evening

Carr Vale Fish Pond 3.15 today

Sunset over Poolsbrook this evening

This morning brought the snow, and, some wonderful photos from some of our members

You will be forgiven for thinking the next two photographs were taken underwater, or, maybe a fish tank, but where are the fish?    They are in fact of one of our members garden, taken at dawn this morning!  Beautiful!


Not sure about this!             Oh well, here goes.

Something different to look at, birds out in force today

Wintery Garden

A scene in Bolsover



December 28th 2020

Atmospheric view from Clowne Greenway

A Christmas present from my grandson

December 27th 2020

Sunset silhouetting Bolsover Castle this evening.  Beautifully haunting picture.


December 25th 2020

What a sight to end an extraordinary Christmas Day 


December 23rd 2020

Santa of yesteryear 

December 20th 2020

A beautiful early morning  local winter scene 


December 17th 2020

An old building in front of a very old building

December 16th 2020

17th December, beautiful colours in the sunshine.  Isn’t nature wonderful


18th December, this Castle from the Greenway,  this morning.

December 10th 2020

Snow in Scarcliffe.


December 8th 2020

A delightful memory from December 2019

ACT sang Christmas Carols at the “Devils Arse”  Castleton


December 2nd 2020

Out of lockdown, but spreading some Christmas cheer

Where’s the rest of the tree?

There it is!                              I like it in here.

November 28th 2020

My birds of hope for lantern parade night.

November 27th November

A quote from one of our members:-

We have all had time to appreciate nature’s beauty this year.  What a blessing!

up close to a silver birch.


In a reflective mood.                                         Waiting for the sun to set

  And then it set.

Another beautiful sunset.  Stunning 


November 26th 2020

Rother Valley at it’s going in to winter best


November 24th 2020

A beautiful sunset around our this evening.  All photos taken at roughly the same time!

Bolsover                                           Staveley


November 22nd 2020

Whitwell Woods this afternoon,  Beautiful!

is my forsythia in bud?  Looking forward to Spring, and those wonderful rainbows.

Started on the pickles, onions, chutney, carrots, beetroot, chillies

Clowne Parish Church.  A view from my front garden

A nostalgic look at Friday 22nd November 2019, Flowers for Fun

November 20th 2020

Members are invited to name the artist and, or perhaps or, name the paintings.

Click here  to see the pictures. Contributions to bolu3a@outlook.com.

Your anonymous contributions will be collected and even published!

Give it a go.

A little colour on a gloomy day

Memories from a Strollers walk at Hardwick, November 20th 2017

November 15th 2020

I’m hiding

Just being naughty, what’s that ups there?   Boring!

Might as well get down!


November 13th 2020

A new addition to the garden

November 9th, 2020

Beautiful dreamer

Colour in the garden.

Rock Climbing!                            Serene walk in through woodland

Carvale Flash Reserve this afternoon.

complete with cattle grazing.

A grey photo for a grey day!

The sky and hills over Bolsover

Nature at it’s best

I see no ships                                        Can you guess what I am?

I’m watching you                               A lace tablecloth

A morning view, let’s hope the sun makes an appearance.


November 8th, 2020


The Misty Season

Dew on the washing line            Dew on a spiders web

Clinging to the last of the leaves


Woodland Walks



Mud, mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it, ‘Playing in mud’ on three wheels! 

 Our last meal out before LD. Looking forward to the next visit to the Elm Tree at Elmton. Thermidor anyone? Beautiful food.