Love of Food – Archive

December 3rd 2018

Today was a festive feast, some wonderful dishes, starting with a delicious Kiwi and Mint Fizz appetiser with a Pomegranate, Ricotta and Goats Cheese Moose and Spiced Crab dip.  That was followed by a Savoury Festive Plait and a Savoury Potatoe, Onion and Cheese dish.  We then had a Boxing Day Buffet, with Pork Pie, various Stuffings with Turkey Breast, Liver Pate and Smoked Mackeral Pate, served alongside a Chorizo and Apple Sausage Roll Wreath.  We finished with a truly old fashioned Trifle, and, some homemade Sweets.  Once again not one dish was duplicated, a very tasty afternoon, yum!


November 5th 2018

We had almost a full house today, eight members sat round the dining table and sampled nine bowls of soup each!  Someone brought two!  Accompaniments included, croutons, tiny cheese scones, cheese and bacon bread, naan bread, all home made.  Not one soup was duplicated, we had, broccoli and spinach,   spiced carrot and lentil,   lettuce,  frog ,  butternut squash with horseradish cream,   chicken, lemon and orzo,  broccoli and blue cheese,  thick lentil,  and to finish  a citrus berry dessert soup, never had a dessert soup before, amazing.  All absolutely delicious.  Below is a photograph of the table before invasion, was enjoying the food so much, and got so excited,  forgot take more!


August 30th 2018

After a successful introductory meeting of this new group, Love of Food, our first project has been kept simple, members have been asked to make a “salad”, any type of salad, fruit, vegetable, a medley of ingredients, hot/cold etc, also a dressing to accompany the salad.  We will meet to share, taste, critique, swap recipes, on Monday 1st October at 1.30pm.  As this will be in one of our members home, any member interested in joining this group should contact the Groups Coordinator for venue details.  A new page will be created on our website where photo’s, recipes and other information, will be posted in due course.  Happy Cooking

1st October 2018

What a fantastic start, the table was overflowing with the most delicious and inivetive salads it has ever been my pleasure to taste.  Everyone worked so hard to make the tastiest dishes ever.  We made:-

Beetroot & halloumi with pomegranate & dill,     broccoli & cauliflower, with an Italian dressing & Feta cheese,     Moroccan spiced chickpea,    tuna & pasta with a creamy garlic dressing,   Thai beef,   herby potatoes, rice salad with balsamic dressing

Some before and after photographs, mmmmm, yum!

All in all a great afternoon, loved it!

We will be collecting these recipes and hope to put a book together for interested members to try out

Our next offerings will be  a soup, any soup, as long as it’s homemade, with an accompaniment ie bread, croutons.  Please remember a list of ingredients for the benefit of those who may have food allergies