Love of Food – Archive

March 1st 2021

March! First Monday and we have been busy cooking.  The theme “something county related”

Bedfordshire Clangers!  Similar to Cornish pasties but mad with suet pastry.

Cumberland Pie

Devonshire Pork

Somerset Pork with Apple and Cider

Yorkshire Tea Bread

Glamorgan Sausages

DoveDale blue cheese souffles

Derbyshire Oatcakes

February 14th 2021

This month was a “one pot” dish!

A one pot cooking frenzy, Chilli, Beef Casserole, Chicken and sweet corn

Moussaka                                              Beef in red wine with herb dumplings

Vegetable in the hole                       Bombay Curry

Chinese Stir  Fry                                  Spanish meatball and butter bean stew

Chorizo and chickpea stew            Prosciutto wrapped haddock

December 10th 2020

This month we celebrated St Andrew!

Cherry Shortbread                                         Traditional Scottish Cullen Skink

Creamy Neeps                                Baked Haggis

Scottish Honey Cakes

November 8th 2020

November was a free choice

Autumn Apple Cake

Cheesy Spinach Galette

Large Plaited Sausage Roll

Porridge Oat Loaf                     Toasted with Apple and Yogart

Chocolate Gingerbread Parkin    Served with Yogart and Grapes

Love of Food Meets History

A thickened Tudor Strawberye Sweet, can  also be served with grilled chicken

Stawberye, with blueberries and pomegranate,    Served with Ice cream

January 6th 2020

We kicked off the New Year with a beautiful Afternoon Tea, provided by Sandra, the rest of the Group just had to turn up.  Before tea we chatted about our various Christmas festivities and a general catch.

We have space for two more members, take a look at our programme below, if you would like to have ago, see Bev or email

We then planned our year of foodelicious challenges, they are as follows:-

February 3rd – Chinese Food – Celebrating  Chinese New Year

March 2nd – Welsh Cuisine – Celebrating St David’s Day (1st March)

April 6th  – Easter

May 4th – Wartime Recipes – Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of VE Day

June 1st – Irish Dish – Celebrating  a public holiday in Northern Ireland

July 6th – French Cuisine – commemorating Bastille Day

August 3rd – Summertime Recipes – Anything goes provided it is full of summer delights

September 7th – Canadian Food – Canadian Labour Day

October 5th – Harvest – Incorporating  harvest foods

November 2nd – Free Choice – Whatever takes your fancy!

December – Scottish Cuisine – Celebrating St Andrews Day.

Please note we have two vacancies for this group.  If you enjoy cooking, like experimenting with recipes, and want to learn new culinary skills, please contact


August 5th 2019

Due to members taking holidays we were only a small group of four, nevertheless we had some wonderful African Food

We started with Baba Ganoush, a dip similar to humus but made with aubergine instead of Chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and seasoning, served with vegetables or pitta bread, delicious.

Followed by, West African Chicken Kebabs, the main ingredients being breast of chicken, roasted peanuts and seasoned with spices, then grilled.  Would also be good on the BBQ.  Very very tasty, and very, very moorish, served with a garlic dip.

The next dish was a Moroccan version of a warm cauliflower salad served with a tahini sauce and Moroccan spiced lamb leg fillets.  The salad was a delightful combination of riced cauliflower, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, spring onions together with herbs and spices.

Last but not least a Moroccan Chicken baked in harissa paste, with potatoes lemons, bell peppers and passata  a beautiful blend of herbs and spices.  A fabulous end to a foodelicious afternoon.

If you fancy a cooking challenge why not join us?  Contact

Our next  theme is Greek dishes!  Can’t wait!

July 1st 2019

Today we were a group of four, those on holiday are going to be so jealous when they know what they missed.  The food theme was European and we started the afternoon with a delicious delicately flavoured French Tartiflett, made with potatoes, cheese, cream and bacon.  After a breather we moved on to a Spanish tortilla served with a yogurt based dip with chives and lemon, well seasoned, light and fluffy, another delicious dish.  After a short break, we were served with a Spanish paella, or at least a variation of, it included prawns, scallops, chicken, pork sausage, various vegetables and of course rice.  A yummy finish to the afternoons savouries!  Then, came the piste de resistance!  A glorious Norwegian Cake, made with meringues (20), chocolate, cream, mmm, mmmm, mmm, heaven, glad there was only four of us, we all managed more than enough for those missing!  A wonderful foodelicious afternoon.

We were joined by one of our group, who didn’t think she would make it, just in time for cake.  She brought with her a Latvian sweet, big enough to cut in to five small pieces, it was a milk chocolate log shape filled with a soft nut flavoured caramel, a very nice little treat to finish the afternoon.

Next months “challenge”?  Food theme is African cuisine.  We have decided to cook and eat our way around the world!  We have two places available for any members who enjoy cooking, love food and like a challenge.  Please see Bev Crofts

June 3rd 2019

Six of us today, and another fabulous spread.  Today was picnic food, once again not one duplication.  So we had little Puff  Pastry  Parcels, crescent shaped with smoked salmon, triangles with cheese and fingers with ham, scrumptious.  Glamorgan Rolls, with Caerphilly Cheese, and Coronation Chicken Drum Sticks, spicily delicious.  Scotch Eggs, with spiced homemade sausage meat, served with a homemade tomato sauce, asparagus pate and brown toast,  a tasty combination.  A crustless Spanish Tortilla with vegetables and cheese, beautifully seasoned yummy!  We then had two very delicious deserts, the first, individual Mint and Chocolate Cheesecake divine, followed by Rhubarb and Almond Cake, could be served hot or cold,  another superbly delicious dish.   Absolute superb plates of food, and not much to take home.  Once again forgot to take a photograph at the beginning with all the food laid out on the table.  However I did manage to get something of everything together in a smaller group, just wish you could smell the delicious aromas, see below.

Next time Monday 1st July our monthly menu will be European Dishes!

March 4th 2019

Another fabulous food filled afternoon, and once again not one dish duplicated.  This month it was starters and although a few of our members were unable to attend we certainly didn’t starve.

The afternoon started with the most delicious Sweet and  Sticky Wings, beautiful tender wings served in a sweet sticky sauce, wonderful.

Then, we had Beetroot and Feta Patties, served with Tahini and Yogurt dressing, and Balsamic Glaze on a Chicory Salad, absolutely yummy.

We then enjoyed Spicy Corn Fritters served with homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce.  The fritters  were delicious, served cold, but best eaten straight from the pan when the batter is nice and crispy.

After a little break we had hot Muscles served in a Guinness and Cream Sauce, with homemade Soda Bread, super delicious.

Time for a cup of tea before embarking on our next starter.

It was time for Crab and Prawn Cakes, served with a Mayonnaise Sauce, a very delicate flavour and absolutely delicious.  Served with Melba Toast.

Then the penultimate dish, Greek Filo Parcels  with Tzatziki,  served warm.  The parcels were filled with Feta Cheese, Spinach, Spring Onion and homemade  “Sundried” Tomatoes.  Delicious!

Finally we had, Tuna and Curried Egg Pate!  Creamy, smooth and very, very tasty.  Served with Savoury biscuits.

All recipes are available on request, so please ask.

Once again too busy eating to think about photos!  Will try and do better next time.

February 4th 2019

What an afternoon of tasty food!  This month it was a potato dish.  We munched our way through eight different dishes, all featuring potatoes.

A take on an Indian style Vegetarian dish of Spicy Pickled  Potatoes,  and  some delicious Spanish Potatoes.

Good old fashioned Homity Pie, yum

Cold-Fashioned Potato Salad x 2, one with mayonnaise the other with vinegar and an added touch of tarragon.   Then an unusual, but delicious recipe was Dauphine potatoes, cooked in a choux  pastry, served with gravy.

We then had “Tornado Potatoes” taking their name from the spralisation of the potato, together with some baby baked potatoes stuffed with Brie.  Mmmmmm

December 3rd 2018

Today was a festive feast, some wonderful dishes, starting with a delicious Kiwi and Mint Fizz appetiser with a Pomegranate, Ricotta and Goats Cheese Moose and Spiced Crab dip.  That was followed by a Savoury Festive Plait and a Savoury Potatoe, Onion and Cheese dish.  We then had a Boxing Day Buffet, with Pork Pie, various Stuffings with Turkey Breast, Liver Pate and Smoked Mackeral Pate, served alongside a Chorizo and Apple Sausage Roll Wreath.  We finished with a truly old fashioned Trifle, and, some homemade Sweets.  Once again not one dish was duplicated, a very tasty afternoon, yum!

November 5th 2018

We had almost a full house today, eight members sat round the dining table and sampled nine bowls of soup each!  Someone brought two!  Accompaniments included, croutons, tiny cheese scones, cheese and bacon bread, naan bread, all home made.  Not one soup was duplicated, we had, broccoli and spinach,   spiced carrot and lentil,   lettuce,  frog ,  butternut squash with horseradish cream,   chicken, lemon and orzo,  broccoli and blue cheese,  thick lentil,  and to finish  a citrus berry dessert soup, never had a dessert soup before, amazing.  All absolutely delicious.  Below is a photograph of the table before invasion, was enjoying the food so much, and got so excited,  forgot take more!

August 30th 2018

After a successful introductory meeting of this new group, Love of Food, our first project has been kept simple, members have been asked to make a “salad”, any type of salad, fruit, vegetable, a medley of ingredients, hot/cold etc, also a dressing to accompany the salad.  We will meet to share, taste, critique, swap recipes, on Monday 1st October at 1.30pm.  As this will be in one of our members home, any member interested in joining this group should contact the Groups Coordinator for venue details.  A new page will be created on our website where photo’s, recipes and other information, will be posted in due course.  Happy Cooking

1st October 2018

What a fantastic start, the table was overflowing with the most delicious and inivetive salads it has ever been my pleasure to taste.  Everyone worked so hard to make the tastiest dishes ever.  We made:-

Beetroot & halloumi with pomegranate & dill,     broccoli & cauliflower, with an Italian dressing & Feta cheese,     Moroccan spiced chickpea,    tuna & pasta with a creamy garlic dressing,   Thai beef,   herby potatoes, rice salad with balsamic dressing

Some before and after photographs, mmmmm, yum!

All in all a great afternoon, loved it!

We will be collecting these recipes and hope to put a book together for interested members to try out

Our next offerings will be  a soup, any soup, as long as it’s homemade, with an accompaniment ie bread, croutons.  Please remember a list of ingredients for the benefit of those who may have food allergies