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We have kept our group active right through lockdown and continue through the current lockdown.  Our culinary photos were posted on the BALLS page, but now we are back using our own web page.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Don’t forget, if you fancy trying out our recipes, just let us know at

December 10th 2020

This month we celebrated St Andrew!

Cherry Shortbread                                         Traditional Scottish Cullen Skink

Creamy Neeps                                Baked Haggis

Scottish Honey Cakes




November 8th 2020

November was a free choice

Autumn Apple Cake

Cheesy Spinach Galette

Large Plaited Sausage Roll

Porridge Oat Loaf                     Toasted with Apple and Yogart

Chocolate Gingerbread Parkin    Served with Yogart and Grapes

Love of Food Meets History

A thickened Tudor Strawberye Sweet, can  also be served with grilled chicken

Stawberye, with blueberries and pomegranate,    Served with Ice cream


September 2020

Canadian Sunday Lunch,

Maple Syrup and Mustard Steak, with veg

Canadian Cornbread, with Bacon and Maple Syrup.

Montreal Pollock.  Served with garlic oven chips, asparagus spears, and a side salad

Maple and Orange Chicken

Canadian Honey Pecan pie

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January 6th 2020

We kicked off the New Year with a beautiful Afternoon Tea, provided by Sandra, the rest of the Group just had to turn up.  Before tea we chatted about our various Christmas festivities and a general catch.

We have space for two more members, take a look at our programme below, if you would like to have ago, see Bev or email

We then planned our year of foodelicious challenges, they are as follows:-

February 3rd – Chinese Food – Celebrating  Chinese New Year

March 2nd – Welsh Cuisine – Celebrating St David’s Day (1st March)

April 6th  – Easter

May 4th – Wartime Recipes – Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of VE Day

June 1st – Irish Dish – Celebrating  a public holiday in Northern Ireland

July 6th – French Cuisine – commemorating Bastille Day

August 3rd – Summertime Recipes – Anything goes provided it is full of summer delights

September 7th – Canadian Food – Canadian Labour Day

October 5th – Harvest – Incorporating  harvest foods

November 2nd – Free Choice – Whatever takes your fancy!

December – Scottish Cuisine – Celebrating St Andrews Day.

Please note we have two vacancies for this group.  If you enjoy cooking, like experimenting with recipes, and want to learn new culinary skills, please contact