Bev has been in conversation with George O’Neil

It’s 8:00pm and well worth listening to this podcast. Hope you enjoy.

Bev in conversation

A better choice to Question Time, Great British Menu, Griff or even another update on the virus?

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Contact Link

To contact any of the Interest Group coordinators, just click here.


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Walking for Pleasure

If you are interested in joining Sue for a walk, please contact:-

Outside activities can accommodate 6 members under the current Government Guidelines (including the Group Leader). So if you don’t want to miss out let us know as soon as possible. Date and time to be arranged.

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Just to say we are still here and still posting on our website! Today a poem was posted, encouraged by one member and inspired by another members photograph! Check it out! It’s lovely.
Please send us your photos, maybe have a go at writing a poem. Let us know how you are and what you have been doing. Look forward to hearing from you at

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Greetings to our followers

Good AfternoonWe, Committee, hope that you all remain in good health and are keeping safe.
To date we have not received any recommendations from National Office for a proposed return, or indeed any encouragement from the Government.
So we remain as we are.
Most of our Group Leaders are in constant touch with their members, and all, I believe, are enjoying that contact.
We are trying to keep you informed of members activities via our Bolsover Against Life Limiting Sickness (BALLS) page one our website, and would love to hear from you. Photographs? What have you been doing? Perhaps more importantly do you need someone to talk to, via email or telephone, please send all to
Please remember we are not Carers, but we do care for all our members, if we can help we will.
Stay Safe. Stay Well.

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Check out the limericks on the BALLS page real fun. If you can do better send to

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VE Day 75th Anniversary

Did you celebrate yesterday? Did you take any photographs.
Let us know what you did, send us your photos to:-
We post on our special “On the Day” Page.

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Looks like another nice day

It was a big day for the website with 378 views. The previous highest day was 236 views.

Please send your photographs to They will be published here to create a record of how BDU3A celebrated under lock down.

Enjoy the sun today, looks like it will be a lot cooler tomorrow.

Thank you everyone.

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BDU3A Celebrates VE Day


The special page was published early this morning, it’s here.

At 8:00am the page had been accessed 50 times. 

Please take a photograph at 11:00am and send it to We will publish them on this website, “BDU3A demonstrates it’s respect”. 

Have a safe and good day, enjoy the sun. Continue reading

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Celebrating VE day

Celebrating VE day seventy five years on under lockdown is not what any of us would have ever envisaged. Your U3A has produced a tribute in the fashion of a special page on the website. The web team has constructed  the page from lots of amazing contributions from members, thank you. 

You might like to start your day by reading or browsing the page.

Just click here  to go directly to the page.

We can’t gather together but we can come together at

11:00am to stand with your neighbours and U3A members and observe the two minutes silence.

4:00pm to take tea and scones or cake in your garden or on your doorstep. 

Just after 9:00pm after listening to the Queen stand with your neighbours and sing along with Vera Lynn. 

Please do take photos or short bits of video and send them to
Have a good day, enjoy the special page, it’s  here

This poppy opened in the sunshine yesterday, just on queue.


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War Time Recipe

Get Outlook for iOS

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VE Day, 75th Anniversary

Our special VE Day Anniversary Page will go live on the evening of Thursday the 7th May. We are still looking to you for your memories, if not of that day in 1945, maybe another memorable VE anniversary celebration. Photos of photos, of dads, uncles, brothers, cousins, mums, sisters in uniform, street party celebrations. Nurses, soldiers, sailors airmen. Please send to We would love to hear from you.
Thank you

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