Found this afternoon

At the General Meeting this afternoon one of our members found a small stud earring with a turquoise coloured stone, we have it safe for collection next time. If you recognise the description and think it might belong to another member please pass on the information. Thank you

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Book Group, diary reminder

Apologies, Book Group will be meeting :-
Monday 13th January, 2pm, Bolsover Library.

Not Tuesday 14th as previously stated, sorry, hope that mistake hasn’t caused any problems

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Diary Date Reminders

Monday 13th January:- Reiki, 10am, Hillstown

Tuesday 14th January:- Books, 2pm, Bolsover Library

Wed 15th January. :- Bowls, indoor, 10am, Hillstown Village Hall

Wed 15th January. :- General Meeting, 2pm, Hillstown Village Hall

Thurs 16th January. :- ACT, CATS, 2pm, Pomegranate Theatre

Thurs 16th January. :- Creative Writing, 1.30pm, Bolsover Library

Friday 17th January. :- Play Reading, 1pm, Bolsover Library

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Diary Date Reminders

Friday 3rd Jan. :- Family History, 1.30, Bolsover Library

Sunday 5th Jan. :- ACT, Viennese New Year Concert, Winding Wheel 3pm Monday 6th Jan :- Love of Food, planning meeting 2/2.30pm
Tuesday 7th Jan :- Digital Photography 1pm, Castle Lane
Wed 8th Jan. :- Travel Group 10am, HVH. Indoor Lawn Bowls 10am, HVH Committee Meeting 10am.
ACT 2pm, Pomegranate Theatre, In Search Of Beethoven Friday 10th Jan. :- Design and Create, 2pm. Ten Pin Bowling, 1pm. More details can be found on our website

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Diary Date Reminders

Monday 16th December – Strollers, Hollingwood Hub – Chesterfield CanalContact Jean Hassall for car share or interestgroups
Tuesday 17th December – Arts & Craft – 1.30pm, Bainbridge Hall

Wednesday 18th December – Christmas Party – Masters of Mirth
Please note earlier start 1.30pm. Hillstown Village Hall

Thursday 19th December – Creative Writing – 1.30pm, Bolsover Library
Friday 20th December – Play Reading – 1.00pm, Bolsover Library

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Christmas gift?

Do you have a friend, relative or acquaintance who you think may benefit and enjoy what BDU3A has to offer, for whom you may struggle to buy a Christmas gift for, consider a 3 month membership, for £5, January to March. If you are interested see Jen, our Membership Secretary, at next weeks Christmas meeting.

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Walking for Pleasure

Stop Press!!

Don’t forget when we walk in to Chesterfield we will stop and have lunch, then return to Wheeldon Mill!

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Diary Date Reminders

Monday 9th December. Reiki – 10am, Hillstown Village Hall, new venue Book Group – 2pm, Bolsover Library

Tuesday 10th December. Walking for Pleasure – 10am, Bolsover Cenotaph to
arrange car share to Wheeldon Mill

Wednesday 11th Dec. Travel Group – 10am, Hillstown Village Hall
New venue, new Group Leader

Indoor Lawn Bowls – 9.30am, Hillstown Village Hall

Thursday 12th December. CADG 2pm – Bolsover Library

Friday 13th December. NT Group visit to Hardwick Hall and lunch
Meet 10.30 at Hardwick

Ten Pin Bowling. – 1pm, Chesterfield Bowl

Design and Create – 2pm, see Diary Dates or
Website for more details.

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International Volunteers Day

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know that today is International Volunteers Day – a day designated by the United Nations to recognise and acknowledge all of the time, effort, and skills that volunteers contribute.
We are so lucky at BDU3A to have such passionate and dedicated volunteer teams, so I would like to say a very big thank you to all our volunteers.
Especially to our amazing Group Leaders who work so hard to make their Groups the most interesting, enjoyable and informative learning for their members. We would not have a BDU3A without them.
To Committee who work relentlessly towards improving and safeguarding everyone’s BDU3A experience.
To those “behind the scenes” who make the teas and coffees, to those who help to set out the room and tidy up afterwards.
To the Web Team, beavering away to keep our website up to date, and post new items daily.
To the working parties who arrange our entertainment programmes and events, those who work and continue to work on the policies and procedures. We all work together magnificently. I hope I haven’t missed anyone! We are all volunteers, and do what we do because we enjoy doing it. We are doing a great job.

Thank you


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Diary Date

Apologies didn’t say which group is meeting on Thursday! It isArt Appreciation
Details as below.
Thursday 5th December,
10am, Hillstown Village Hall, new venue

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