VE Day, 75th Anniversary

BDU3A will be celebrating VE Day in the only way we can under current circumstances. Our intention is to have a dedicated webpage where we can record your memories. We have already had photographs of photographs, written memories, not only of that momentous day in 1945, but also of memories of other VE Day celebrations, 25, 50 years? If you have such memories/photos you would like to share please send to, or direct to
All contributions will be posted and shared with all our members. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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Hello everyone.Hope you are all safe and well.
We are trying our hardest to stay in touch, to make sure all our members have been contacted by someone!
If you belong to a group and have not been contacted by your Group Leader, they may not have your contact details!
Please, if you want/need to keep in touch, send your details along with the name of the group you attend, to bolu3a, or if you have contact details of your group leader please get in touch with them.
We will with your permission forward your details to the relevant Group Leader, but please be aware we can only do this with your permission.
Don’t forget to check out our BALLS page,, click on Bolsover District U3A to find the link to Bolsover Against Life Limiting Sickness, click on that it will take you straight to the BALLS page.
We would love to hear from you, what have you been doing, send photos, write to us, and send your news to bolu3a
Stay Safe Stay Well

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Art, Art Appreciation, ACT. FYI

BBC FOUR at 7pm continues its series The Joy of Painting – this evening, Bob Ross paints an awesome cloudy sky set against a turbulent sea of crashing waves and at 7.30pm, on the same channel, a chance for a last look at the Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern.

On Channel 4 at 8pm Grayson’s Art Club: Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading artists, brings the nation together through art, making new works and hosting master classes. This time, he’s joined by Joe Lycett.

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Good afternoon everyone.
Hope that all our members and followers are keeping safe and well.
Our BALLS page has been a great success, and thank you to all who have sent articles for the page. But of course we are greedy! We want more!
Let us know what you are actually doing, gardening?, decorating?, sewing?, DIY?, beautiful solitary scenic walks?, etc, take and send some photos, write and tell us about it. Got any tips?, recipes?, crafting techniques?, let’s us know so that we can share. Send to:-

We are waiting to hear from you
Stay Safe, Stay Well

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Bev has been in conversation with George O’Neil

It’s 8:00pm and well worth listening to this podcast. Hope you enjoy.

Bev in conversation

A better choice to Question Time, Great British Menu, Griff or even another update on the virus?

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Fancy a bit of fun for Easter? Why not join in and paint an Easter Egg? Like we did as kids, hard boil an egg, then paint the shell. Send photos of your finished eggs to
We’ll post the photos on the BALLS page.
No paints? Use make up! Use coloured pens, or a pencil drawing! No eggs left? Try painting/drawing a picture of an egg
Don’t forget the photos
Just join in the fun and give it a go.
Stay Safe, Stay Well

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HELLO!Yes we are still here, we are still active!
Please log in to our website, check out the link on our home page
Bolsover Against Life Limiting Sickness, yes you’ve got it! BALLS! It’s fun, it’s informative but mainly it is for members. Let us know what you are doing, send us a quiz to share, send us your favourite recipe, write a poem, photos of your garden projects etc. Anything and everything you would like to share please let us know, send to
bolu3a @outlook .com
Stay Safe, Stay Well

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Flowers for Fun

Flowers for Fun Group due to meet on Friday 27th March has been cancelled

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Digital Photography

Digital Photography, normally held on the second Tuesday of the month Has been cancelled until further notice.

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Play Reading

Friday 20th March Play Reading Group, 1.30pm, Bolsover Library, has been cancelled

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