Digital Photography – Archive

4th December 2018

This was our first practical group meeting and was well attended.

We spent time getting to grips with our cameras, helping each other understand our machines and what some of those pesky symbols mean.  Hopefully clearing the ground to enable us to get the most of our cameras.

We decided to set ourselves some homework, in order that at the next meeting, we would have some material to play with.

We will set ourselves a new project each month. We decided on a seasonal theme of “Frosty and festive” until our next meeting.

Our next meeting will be February 5th 2019 same place, as our next meeting fell on January 1st as we thought we may be full of food.

22nd November 2018

Digital Photography.

Camera phones and Digital Cameras

The camera on your mobile phone has vastly improved over the years, making it great to take pictures.

As mobile phones are usually with you, we look at the opportunities to use them more.

Our group intend to get the very best from their Camera phones and Digital Cameras.

Understanding the functions and using a few simple rules to confidently take good pictures.

Also, what to look for when upgrading your camera or camera phone.

We meet every 1st Tuesday each month.          Check   events diary for our group location as they may vary.

Every month we will have a photographic assignment.

We also encourage you to take photographs of other U3A groups you attend to have a stock of pictures for our newsletter (with their consent).

Meetings will include practical work, discussions and outside phot trips(Weather permitting).

Be part of our friendly group.

Convenor. Kevin Bates


The new BDU3A Photography Group got off to a flying start today with members Wilson Ingleby and Kevin Bates agreeing to take on joint responsibility for leadership, both having quite an in-depth knowledge of the subject.  I hope that all you would-be “snappers” will join us at the Beehive on Tuesday 9th October from 2pm.