Play Reading – Archive

21st February 2020

Today we read Hobson’s Choice. It had been a long time since I watched the old black and white film and I don’t remember it being as funny as I found it today. This was in part because we had insufficient members in our group and we had to take on two or more parts which meant we were speaking to ourselves part of the time. In addition I was cast as the bossy eldest of three sisters and I suspect my two younger siblings would say I was type-cast. Hey ho!!

15th November 2019

Our last meeting at the Beehive, sad, but the Play Reading was hilarious!  It was “Black Comedy”  written by Peter Schaffer.  It was apparently on stage many moons ago, judging by the descriptions of some of the actors, a young lithe things!  Maggie Smith and Albert  Finney!  We all agreed to have seen on stage would have been amazing, a play set in the middle of a power cut, such fun.

Our next meeting will be on Friday 20th December 1pm, Bolsover Library.  So if you fancy some hearty fun come and join us.

27th May 2019

To all those of you who attended the last Play Reading group:

After reading the part of the “vulgarian” woman in Sue Townsend’s 1970’s play, I have now washed out my mouth with soap and water and normal service will be resumed.   (It was great fun really  –  didn’t take me long to slip into the role).


20th April 2019

Yesterday, Friday 19th April saw the first meeting for this group.  What a lot of fun.  We read a couple of plays,   a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  The group will be going to see the play advertised below, if you would like to join us please contact