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March 9th 2020

We are told that reiki energy is an intelligent energy which goes where it is needed for the greatest and highest good.  However other reiki teachers and practitioners feel that it can be focused to treat various organs and this morning at the reiki group we looked at healing specific problems with reiki.  We also talked about visualisation.  We looked at crystals for the third eye chakra and checked out some tuning forks.  One of our members talked us through a meditation with visualisation.  Good morning with lots of laughs.

February 10th 2020

Today in the Reiki  Group  we talked through how to complete a full reiki treatment on someone else.  We practised a technique called kenyoku ho which cleanses the aura of negative energies.  We talked about cleansing a room of negative energies through using symbols and smudging. We discussed crystals pertaining to the throat chakra and one of our members took us through a meditation focusing on the solar plexus chakra’.

Today in the Reiki Group we discussed  how to create a sacred space through visualisation.  Also how to clear negative energies from ourselves through visualisation and the cho-ku-rei symbol.  We also discussed the three pillars of reiki, two of which are rituals to go through prior to performing a reiki session and the third is the healing session itself. Mikao Usui the founder of reiki called the principles  Gassho (Gash-Show), Reiji-Ho (Ray-Gee-Hoe), and Chiryo (Chi-Rye-Oh).   There was some laughter within the group which always helps to make everyone feel good.

Group members practicing some Reiki healing skills