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Tuesday 10th December 2019


November 18th we took a trip to Vicar Water Country Park.

(4 Vicars Ct, Clipstone, Mansfield NG21 9AS)

We were a group of 5 and after parking up and finding the car park voluntary donation machine just returned our money, started off on a circuit of the pond.

Weather was good, a little wet underfoot, but what was that! It was a break of blue sky after nearly a week of continues rain.  It was really nice getting out after a number of days being rained in.

We passed a few fishermen trying their luck and came across the Route 6 cycle trail going all the way to Nottingham. I shall have to try this in the summer as soon as I have my Spandex outfit.

After we circled the pond (very big pond) we stopped for coffee and cake in the onsite café.  It was lovely and warm and welcoming with the Christmas decorationsalready up. We ordered and sat chatting for ages just taking in the sun through the windows.

This is one of my favourite groups, it’s so undemanding and gets me moving. Jean our group leader always chooses nice steady walks that I, being new to Bolsover find really interesting.


August 20th 2018

Our walk this week took us on a short tour through the history of Bolsover starting from the cenotaph, which stands where the old market cross was once situated.  In front of us were the restored 17th century buildings, now shop units, of a type typical of the original settlement.  Local residents were able to point out where original stone cottages used to line Castle street and then, at the bottom of the Breck, where another row of older cottages, now demolished, once stood.  We climbed up the steep footpath to Hilltop where we stopped to admire the Methodist Church and learn of the origins of the assembly rooms which were the original church. We then continued through  the sadly overgrown grounds of Sherwood Lodge, a once grand house, built for one of the directors of the Bolsover Colliery Company.  The house is looking in a very sad state and we all reflected on its possible demise if remedial work is not undertaken soon.  We were regaled with stories of the old Bolsover illuminations in these grounds which drew in people from the surrounding area until the 1950’s.

July 16th 2018

Strolling this morning, quite hot and sticky, but caught this standing heron, beautiful

June 18th 2018

A beautiful day for a stroll and a great turn out.  Creswell Crags always a lovely peaceful place to spend a few hours, from the babbling brook to wild flowers, from ducks to a nesting swan, wonderful.  Then a nice pot of tea a sausage roll, a good old natter, loads of laughs and great company, can’t beat it!  Just three of today’s photos.


February 6th 2018

What a lovely stroll we had along part of the Chesterfield Canal this week. Walking from the Hollingwood Hub towards Chesterfield we ambled on our merry way, chattering all the while as is usual with us. It wasn’t long before a couple of us stopped to look at the commonplace winter activity of tree clearing which obviously didn’t meet with the approval of one passer -by as he firmly asserted his displeasure. But hopefully come the spring lovely new plants will be nodding their approval!
We hadn’t walked very far before I spotted a beautifully painted stone strategically placed in the fork of one of the cut trees. I discovered from one of my fellow strollers that there is a national boom in engaging youngsters’ interest in this activity. Having painted their stone they then hide them in the countryside with an instruction marked on the back that once found the finder must move it to a new hiding place. So of course I hid my find a little further along the path near a seat. Soon after we found other such stones and were engaged in moving and hiding much to our enjoyment and laughter so thank you Chesterfield UK Rock Find. We had great fun. Youngsters at heart!
After acknowledging friendly swans and not so friendly herons far to intent on their dinner to heed us we strolled back to the Hub for tea & hot toasted teacakes to end what was a delightful hour or two. Thanks to Jean and the friendly banter of the group I’m looking forward to our next stroll at Pleasley on 19th March


January 10th 2018

On Monday 15th. January we will be strolling at 11am, along the Chesterfield Canal meeting this time at Hollingwood Hub, Station Road, Hollingwood. If you need a lift or directions, please contact the group Coordinator, details on website. The pop up cafe, run by the Canal Trust volunteers will be open for a well earned cuppa on our return.

November 29th 2017

Some more photographs from Hardwick Park, the first showing the lake and a solitary swan, the second a heron and seagulls. Beautiful.

November 20th 2017

Another fabulous jaunt this morning.  This time we visited Hardwick Park and strolled around the ponds, absolutely beautiful place, loved it, thanks Jean.

October 16th 2017

Today the Strollers went on a wonderful walk down by the canal, think the photos say it all.  Thanks to Jean Hassall for  organising a great mornings excercise.

September 18th, 2017

So, we went strolling this morning, what a beautiful place, Pleasley Country Park, thoroughly enjoyed walking along the trail. But then we had a very pleasant surprise, bacon butty, cup of coffee £2.40! We were then treated to a quick conducted tour around the ‘pit museum’ area, a couple of photo’s here. Thanks Jean Hassall for arranging everything today. Can’t wait to go back when we can organise more time to have a better look round. This is modern history and touched many of our lives, fascinating.

July 18th 2017

A beautiful day for a stroll and how lucky are we to have such wonderful places to do just that.  It was hot but nevertheless well worth it.  Thanks Pam Pickering for taking the lead today, really enjoyed the morning.

May 18th 2017

An intrepid group of members set off along the Stockley Trail for an hours stroll. Admittedly a bit damp, but the rain held off.  It was great to be out in the fresh air nattering away with such lovely people. We then went on to Glapwell Nurseries for a welcome cuppa.  Thanks Jean for organising a very enjoyable morning.

March 20th, 2017

Today’s strolling was rained off, but turned in to a delicious breakfast! Could have done with walking it off after. We are going to try again Monday 3rd April, 11am, Stockley Trail, so come and join us. Rained off? Never mind can always have another bacon and egg cob.

February 23rd, 2017

Strollers group next walk is on 20th March. We will meet at the car park at the end of the Stockley Trail ( opposite Auto Supplies) at 10.30. Please let me know if you would like to join us. This is a gentle stroll of approx. 45 mins.
Jean Hassall
01246 826312

January 19th 2017

Well, five of us braved the drizzle this morning. Because of the weather we decided on a shortened walk around the lake at Poolsbrook.  I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise, and even tried a walking pole, thanks for the loan, Ann, l want one!
The company was great, everyone just walked at their own pace and we were out about an hour.  Special thanks to Jean Hassall for organising it for us. Bev

Because  of the weather we decided to give Poolsbrook another try in February, details will be posted nearer the time.  So please think about joining us, everyone is welcome.


December 2016

The strollers group will be meeting for the first time on Monday 5th December, 1/1.30pm, the Blue Bell, Bolsover. This meeting is to discuss the date and time, regularity and general organisation of the group. If you are interested or just curious, please come and join us, everyone is welcome. Please see this page for future changes.

Result, great news

I am pleased to announce the BDU3A strollers group is active!! The group will meet once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month. Walks will commence at 10.30am from the meeting point of the given month.

The first walk will take place on Monday 16th January, meet at Poolsbrook Visitors Centre, ready to walk at 10.30am.

Please inform the group coordinator (details below) if you would like to join us, and/or particularly, if you decide not to come. This prevents the group waiting around in the cold for no shows. Group members will be informed if, due to adverse weather, the walk has to be cancelled.

For more information contact our group coordinator, Jean Hassall, 01246 826312, or via email

Looking forward to the first walk.

Bev Crofts. Interest Groups Coordinator