Ten Pin Bowling for Fun – Archive

14th June 2019

Another fun filled and mildly competitive afternoon, 2hours bowling and some pretty good scores. 5 men, 5women, the first game the men had slightly better scores, the second game the women thrashed the men!  Yeah!

Joking apart such a laugh, light hearted banter.  We would love to see more members join us.  £7 buys two games, tea/coffee and toasted tea cake/ toast, great value.

23rd January 2019

What a fun afternoon we had today.  Members enjoyed 2hours of Bowling, some absolutely cracking scores, but all quite close.  Great laugh, and some found muscles they didn’t know they had.  Photo’s below our score sheets, apologies in advance for the quality but the printouts provided are not good.  Two members used the bowling frames, so you don’t need to over exert your capabilities, arthritis is not a handicap!

As I said, not good photo’s but think you can get the gist. 🤔

12th October 2018

To day some of us had great fun at the bowling alley, I have to say, we’re not actually league ready, but a first go after many years, not bad at all.  A good laugh, good company loads of fun.  Just take a look at action man!