Travel Group

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October 10th 2019
When theTravelGroup met on Wednesday 9th Oct the trips to York and to Ruffird were finalised.
There is one seat, possibly 2, available for York, next Sunday, 13th October.if you are interested, phone Pat on 01246 825344.
The Ruffird visit will be on the evening of Monday 21stOctober , to see the Spectacleof   Light there. Individual booking (01623 821338 ) and meet at  the “ oasis” carpark at 6.30 to share cars.
Looking ahead , an overnight visit to the Thurlsford “ Christmas Spectacular “show in 2020 was suggested  and also a river cruise – maybe on the Danube, in  the summer of 2020, and/ or the Dordogne.
Nearer home, we now have the details of a tour  of the Amazon depot near Doncaster
And look forward to a wander through the snowdrops at Hodsock Priory in February.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 13 th October at 10.30. at the Beehive.
No meeting in December, but we will resume monthly meetings , at a different venue, in January.
October 5th 2019
Travel Group Update –
Following the successful visits to Sherwood and to Harrogate, the next visit is to York, on Saturday, 13th October.
Meanwhile the next meeting, to discuss ideas for future visits and/or holidays,is next Wednesday. 9th October, at 10.30am at the Beehive cafe. We look forward to seeing you there.
October 3rd 2019
Following the enjoyable visits to Sherwood and Harrogate, the next visit is to York on Sunday 13th October.
Meanwhile the next meeting will be on Wednesday, 9thOctober,at 10.30am , at
the Beehive.We look forward to seeing you there.
Pat, Marie and Janice
August 21st 2019
At the last Travel Group meeting, on 14th August , 3 more excursions were agreed upon.
The first will be on Thursday, 5th September, to the new Visitor Centre at Sherwood Forest.This will be with shared transport, meeting at the Oasis/BUPA car park in Bolsover at 10.00am
The next will be on Saturday 15th September toHarrogate with the option of visiting the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. This will be by Johnson’s coach and the cost will be £16, or £37 including the flower show entrance.
The third is a day-trip to York , also by Johnson’s coach, on Sunday 15th October.
The cost will be £15.
Bookings and payments are needed very soon, now if possible. The next Travel Group meeting will be on Wednesday 11th September , at 10.00am, at the Beehive cafe. We hope to see you there.
July 26th 2019
We had an interesting and enjoyable day out on Saturday 13th July, visiting the “Gates “garden centre and Rutland Water, in Rutland. The garden centre was unusual and intriguing : built on a slope, all the floors followed the original slope throughout. It also had some very tempting flora and etc.s for sale, And a good coffee shop. Rutland Water, bigger than most of us expected, provided us with a delightful cruise and some equally unexpected sights.
The next meeting, to discuss future trips, will be on Wednesday 14th August at 10.30 am at the Beehive cafe . We hope to see you then.
June 30th 2019
At the meeting on 12th June the final arrangements were made for the trips to Denby and to Rutland Water, as well as the return visit to Haddon Hall.
The Rutland Water trip will pick up at the. Gate pub at Langwith at 8.00am on Saturday 13th July. It is OK to leave cars in their carpark If you need a lift to there please let me (Pat) know.
The Denby visit became a pleasant day out, with relatively good weather, although it wasn’t quite as expected due to recent changes at the pottery. At Marilyn’s suggestion we moved on to a garden centre, previously unknown to the rest of us , for lunch and an enjoyable browse.
Possible future trips could include Cleethorpes, Harrogate, York and /or the National Memorial Arboretum.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 10th July, at 10.00am at the Beehive. We hope to see you there.
June 8th 2019
The next meeting of the Travel Group will be on Wednesday,12th June,   at 10.00am at the Beehive Cafe Bolsover.
We will be finalising arrangements for the June and July trips, to Denby and Rutland Water respectively.
Decisions will be made with respect to trips planned  for later in the summer.
We hope to see you there.

May 11th 2019

Update on Travel Group meeting.
At the meeting on May 8th we decided to move the Denby Village  visit forward to Saturday 15th June . Changes at Denby mean that there is no charge for this day. We will meet at the Oasis/BUPA carpark at 9.30
This is the last call for bookings, and £22, for the trip to Rutland Water on Saturday 13th July.
We need to know whether anyone else wants to do the return, summer, visit to Haddon Hall in late June.
Volunteers to do an hour or so on our stall in Old Bolsover Yard this Saturday, 18th May, would be appreciated.

April 30th 2019

The next meeting of the Travel Group will be on Wednesday  8th May, at 10.00am at the Beehive.
We need to take bookings then for the trip to Rutland Water on Saturday 13th July.
We also need  numbers for the visit to the Denby Village, for the return visit to Haddon Hall to enjoy the gardens in summer time and for volunteers to do a short stint in Bolsover Old Yard at the U3A publicity day there on Saturday 18th May.
Decisions need to be made about  outings later in the summe
And  –  anyone interested in a holiday  in the Dordogne and  Carcassonne. , including a visit to the Lascaux caves? This year or next…
Lots to sort out then. We hope to see you at the meeting.
Pat, Janice and Marilyn,